Top 5 Sega Genesis Emulators in 2022

Many consider Genesis the best console in Sega history because of its best classic games.

Streets of Rage, Comix Zone, Golden Axe, and Columns, for example, come to mind. As one of the most influential home consoles, people want to remember the old days and play their favorite games, and you can do it on a computer with great graphics.

Here are the best 2022 emulators to help you play Sega Genesis games.

Kega Fusion

The best Sega Genesis emulator today is considered to be Kega Fusion.

Kega puts accuracy with compatibility of the best games in the first place. The device runs at 60 frames per second. Kega functions perfectly with games like Earthworm Jim, ToeJam, and Earl. In addition to the top Sega Genesis games, the emulator works with games for 32X.

Kega is an easy-to-use program for gamers, with simple accelerated startup settings.


RetroArch is just as good as the other Sega Genesis emulators, being the best for N64, Snes, Nintendo 3DS, and Dreamcast consoles.

Want to play top Sega Mega Drive games or other console projects? Then give RetroArch a try! The emulator has achieved excellent performance by applying the kernels to play the inner workings of many consoles. The emulator core is called Sega Genesis Plus GX, so it functions perfectly on every system.


ClassicBoyGold is considered a popular app for retro games on Android. The program also covers N64, Nes, Gameboy, and other Sega consoles.

The app is free, but you will have to pay to download saves. The emulator works well and gets updates.

What makes ClassicBoyGold different from the other programs is that it is a smartphone app with gesture/sensor controllers and has Bluetooth controller support.

Every classic game can be efficiently run on ClassicBoyGold, so it is an excellent choice for mobile gamers who want to play classic games.


OpenEMU is a fantastic Sega Genesis emulator for Mac users. The program is considered to be the most attractive program with excellent functionality.

This retro gaming version in iTunes gives the user access to old consoles and ROMs thanks to an excellent interface.

There’s a handy display of controllers, elegant lists that show images of games, and anything else that might be available.

OpenEMU applies kernels to your emulation tasks. OpenEMU is chosen for its ease of use.


The robust Gens emulator provides excellent results without effort. This program does what you need in Windows and Linux.

Gens is considered a more advanced version of Kega Fusion. Here you can enter game cheats and implement deceleration features for races. The program is more suitable for beginners because it is easy to understand.

In addition to projects for Genesis, you can play games for 32X and Mega CD here. Just play your favorite Knuckles Chaotix or Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The percentage of compatibility in the program reaches as much as 92%.