Top 5 Pokemon Emulators in 2022

Here’s a list of the top 5 Pokemon emulators to try all your favorite Pokemon games on your PC or smartphone. These games allow you to fight, catch and explore your famous Pokemon regions anytime, anywhere. The emulators listed different cover consoles, phones, and PCs (Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, Android, Windows).

Project 64 – N64

This Pokemon emulator is one of the most versatile N64 emulators and is used as the main program for most other emulators.

Mupen64 is an open-source program, which means there are constant updates in the world of retro games. The code allows you to create your emulators based on it.

The emulator allows you to play the best Pokemon games on different operating systems, such as FreeBSD. The best games in the program are Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap.


Next on the list of top Pokemon emulators is TGB Dual. This emulator will suit those who love games for Gameboy Color and Gameboy. TGB Dual can safely be considered a reliable Gameboy emulator for Windows and play two games at once!

TGB Dual can open two games simultaneously, allowing the user the ability to swap pokémon.

Two people can play two games, but an external controller must be added. If the user has the TGB Dual installed on the controller, then wireless battles can be fought in early Gameboy games.

Citra – DS

Citra is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators. Pokemon emulators for playing on the DS look their best here.

Many emulators are highly regarded in the retro gaming universe. Citra offers the ability to play in 4K, supporting multiplayer.

Play Pokemon Diamond in 4K. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, and the layout feature completes the overall picture. Supporting local WiFi and fast playback, Citra stands out in the world of DS gaming.

RetroArch – Multiple Consoles

This emulator covers every console and every Pokémon game. RetroArch is a one-stop store for emulators.

Instead of just copying a single console tech part, RetroArch applies kernels to emulate every machine you love, from VirtualBoy to the 3DS.

Play Pokemon Yellow and then dive into Pokemon HeartGold without changing your system! RetroArch has two cores for Nintendo’s purple console, GBSP, and mGBA, which work just fine.

Dolphin – GameCube, Wii

Download Dolphin and get the best Pokemon emulators in modern graphics! Dolphin knows how to emulate top GameCube games and Wii projects. The program is free to download, functioning productively on Windows, OSX, and Android.

Try Pokemon Colosseum and enjoy the game anywhere, anytime. To emulate GameCube and Wii, the user’s PC or smartphone needs to be robust, as 3D game file sizes need bulk processing power.

Dolphin is the top emulator for Pokemon. The program is reliable with smooth output and hundreds of customizable settings.