TOP 15 Pokemon ROM Hacks in 2022

The Internet is overflowing with Pokemon ROM hacks, and it’s not easy to find cool projects. However, we found the best top Pokemon ROM hacks in 2022 that are worth checking out.

In this selection, you’ll find projections from the GBA, GBC, and DS. Learn about the best Pokemon ROM hacks of 2022 in this ranking, which was based on feedback from real users.

Pokemon Inclement Emerald

The plot of Pokemon Inclement Emerald is similar to that of the original Emerald, but three difficulty modes have been added: Normal, Hard, and Challenge. Among other interesting features worth mentioning is the ability to store up to 999 items. The Pokemon Registry up to Generation 7 has Legendary creatures and over 100 reusable TMs with moves.

Pokemon Mega Power

In this game, your character can be Neil or Tyra. The project aims to have a 10-year-old child become a Pokemon Master. The character creates the strongest Pokemon possible but has no money for the venture. On an adventure, the character will start earning cash and catching Pokémon along the way to put up a fight against Team Delta.

The game is rich with an exciting story, polished gameplay mechanics, and edited sprites. Follow three new regions: Ivara, Lande, and the Sevii Islands.

Pokemon Sors

Pokemon SORS offers Pokemon catching and a fascinating story and content project (side quests). The game features about 700 Pokemon and 40 Eclipse-type up to level 7.

Pokemon Liquid Crystal

Hack by FireRed is considered a remake of Pokemon Crystal. In terms of plot, everything here copies the original Crystal. Minor additions fall on special events. The hack features updated sprites and animations and a day and night cycle. After completing the Johto storyline, the player is allowed to enter the Kanto region.

Pokemon Saiph

Pokemon Saiph was developed in FireRed. The story continues from Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia, which will excite true fans of the series.

The game features Generation I-VI Pokémon with updated types, altered movements, and stats. Explore the Hoenn areas and the new Colen region.

Pokemon Sienna

The plot of Pokemon Sienna revolves around the Kanto region. The player applies for a trainer from the Indigo Plateau in the story, but the application is rejected, causing the character to embark on his adventure. Become a Pokemon Master without getting involved with the rest of the world.

The hack uses the Fakemon list to use. Everything here is updated to the 4th generation.

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies

The game world of Sovereign of the Skies is a mess. The Guardians of Amitek are failing at keeping the peace. The villainous Tundra crew has stolen the sacred shards of Celestis, so you need to help keep the peace and trap Pokemon to do so.

The character sprites have changed, as have the world’s graphics around you. New features include mega-development and protomorphosis.

Pokemon Fused Dimensions

Many players consider Pokemon Fused Dimensions to be an exciting game. The plot here is similar to FireRed and LeafGreen. The appealing thing about this hack is the Pokemon – Fakemon. Use Pikachu, which has merged with Gloom! It’s fun and unusual, and the gameplay has been completely changed, and balance has been added.

Pokemon Rocket Edition

Rocket Edition is a ROM hack of the game FireRed, where you can play as Team Rocket Grunt. Go through the story of FireRed and LeafGreen on behalf of Grunt. Fight against the protagonist and gain his power!

An interesting fact about the game is catching pokémon the traditional way as in the original. Fight and steal their Pokémon and catch Pokémon. You can master 151 Generation I Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon GS Chronicles

GS Chronicles is a tribute to the Generation 2 games. Here you can play as Krys. This is a female character that is introduced in Gen 2. The game has kept the cycle of day and night, turning acorns into pokeballs and more.

The storyline has not changed here, but the dialogues have changed slightly. A bonus is an increased list of Pokémon up to 400 pieces, but they are all up to the 4th generation. It’s also worth highlighting the different ways of making moves, similar to HM’s since there aren’t any here.

Pokemon Gold and Silver 97: Reforged

The game falls into the category of hacks for GBC ROMs. Pokemon Gold 97 and Silver 97 are duo games with almost identical content. Their plot is taken from the original 1997 Space World demo. The project is rich in different Pokémon up to the 2nd generation.

Pokemon Moon Emerald

This Emerald ROM hack uses the story and many aspects of existing games. Here the chance to meet brilliant Pokémon of generations 4-7 increases.

The project has been given a type of Fairy. The initial Pokémon are Rowlet, Poppolio, and Litten. Additionally, the game has Mega Evolution and corresponding gems. Players are allowed to catch Alolan Forms.

Pokemon Radical Red

Radical Red is a stricter version of Pokemon FireRed. The game has severe difficulty, a pleasant surprise for FireRed fans.

Once the game starts, the user has the option to do a random run or Nuzlocke. There is no need to manually patch files because the game does everything automatically from the beginning.

Pokemon Dreams

The plot of the game Dreams is that the character is following in the footsteps of his older brother to the rank of Pokemon Master. The path will not be easy because you will have to meet friends, enemies, and specific nuances. By exploring the Solda region, you can become a future Pokémon Master.

Among the Pokémon, there are about 800 characters up to the 7th generation. The game will still please 30 fans of Dexnav from ORAS games.

Pokemon Blazing Emerald

Pokemon Blazing Emerald is a nice ROM hack that makes the game challenging and interesting. You can play as Eevee, Clefairy, or Pikachu at the beginning of the game. The story will not show anything new, as we have Emerald’s tale, but more complex.

The list of all the Pokémon will remain a bit of a mystery to players, but the characters can go up to the 7th generation. A Fairy-type with a pokémon scanner is here, too. The Link Stone will help you not worry about swapping Pokémon to evolve.

To all Pokemon ROM hack lovers out there, here’s this compilation for 2022! Try each of these games and see if they’re worth the special attention.