Top 10 DS games of all time

Here are ten of the best games to add to your collection of the fantasy world. Immerse yourself in nostalgia by playing the best DS games on Nintendo handheld consoles.

With Nintendo’s transition to the DS console, more than 154 million copies were sold worldwide. This figure made the console the most successful system ever made by Nintendo. Check out the following games that made Nintendo’s DS so famous.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

This is the 3rd game in the popular puzzle series developed by Level-5. Dive into the new adventures of Professor Layton and Luke and complete witty puzzles. 

The kids need to solve more than 160 challenging puzzles, including numerical and visual puzzles and simple tasks that still require you to plug in your logic. Some of the mysteries will be pretty challenging, but the game has a generous hint system that won’t get in the way of enjoying the beautiful story.

Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow

There are three Castlevania games for the DS, but Dawn Of Sorrow stands out. You can use the touch screen here, and the rest of the mechanics are standard Metroidvania.

Protagonist Soma Cruz once again begins his journey with the tactical soul system, which the developers have greatly improved in various ways. Souls are now available for exchange, creating upgrades and new weapons. Graphically, the game surpasses its predecessor due to atmospheric locations and cool bosses.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Shu Takumi knows how to create perfect projects, but Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective succeeded in surprising gamers and showing them an excellent adventure.

The protagonist is Sissel. This spirit suffers from amnesia, and the player needs to find out what happened to him. Find out by traveling through the ghost and the natural worlds.

Acting as a spirit, Sissel relies on inanimate objects to move around the ghost world. The hero can also possess corpses and conduct interrogations to get the necessary clues. By keeping corpses, the hero gets 4 minutes to be able to go back and try to prevent them from dying. Sissel performs such feats in the real world and uses his tricks to manipulate events.

Bangai-O Spirits

This chaotic game from Treasure has revealed absolute insanity, an absurd plot, and an insane amount of rockets that will fill the game space when bright events occur. The game combines hardcore shooting and clever puzzles with inventive twists and turns that keep the player alert.

The player has 160 stages of completing in Bangai-O Spirits, after which you can create your settings, cleverly coded into sound files.

New Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo has long promoted 3D Mario games. The brightest splash came in 2006, when New Super Mario Bros. Immerse yourself in the game, passing through many levels and unlocking fun power-ups to make Mario grow in size and destroy everything in his path. You can also collect mini-mushrooms from shrinking in size and passing certain levels.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

The DS has gotten a lot of excellent RPGs, but the best here is the brilliance of Nintendo’s dynamic duo. Alpha Dream’s amazing adventure builds on the combat mechanics from past games, but variation appears, such as Bowser becoming a playable character.

Mario and Luigi’s adventure takes place inside Bowser’s body. The player must switch between the two screens to destroy Fawful. Enemy foes fight Mario’s brothers, packed with inventive moments. Without a doubt, Bowser’s Inside Story is considered the most fun adventure you can have on a Nintendo console.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Dual Strike is the first game in the series that allows you to assemble 2 commanders in battle. The game features a wide range of the newest units like Megatanks, new commanders, and waging war on both screens. Every original model has a place in this game, and Survival and Combat modes have been added.

A sequel to the project appeared in 2008, adding a whole new storyline and rugged aesthetic style. Both games are considered great strategy releases.

Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

Many rhythm action games involve simply pressing buttons to the beat of a song, but Ouendan was a completely different project.

The player needs to use the stylus to follow patterns and work around different screen areas. The project is mechanically perfect, complemented by grand melodies and fascinating stories.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Rockstar has released a simulation of the popular project on Nintendo. Chinatown Wars has pushed aside the drug trade, making it a side activity. The primary movement in the game Rockstar revolves around the revenge story of Triad member Huang Li.

Huang Li was left for dead at the beginning of the game, but he survived and now wants the family heirloom stolen from him back. Chinatown Wars has some memorable missions as well as great DS features. You can hack into cars and whistle into the DS microphone to hail a cab on the console using the stylus.

The game’s graphics look impressive, with the typical Rockstar swagger. The game demonstrates that the Nintendo console can hold unique worlds created by the genius Rockstar.

Mario Kart DS

Number one on our list! This is the fifth major game in the series on Nintendo. Mario Kart DS has several innovations that help it stay ahead of the competition.

The franchise’s first game allows players from every corner of the world to fight together. The game gets new items (Bullet Bill and Blooper) and a relaxed Shine Runners battle mode. There are 16 all-new tracks in 4 cups and 16 retro ways of the classic character from the SNES, N64, GBA, and GameCube.

Mario Kart DS has a lot of content, as does the exclusive Mission Mode. The crisp racing mechanics give players the best DS gaming experience possible!