Hacks for Super Mario 64 ROM: Top 10 Best Improvements

Mods and ROM hacks are an integral part of games. Fans create them for their favorite projects, improving the existing game structure in their way.

Everyone knows that Nintendo is trying to block the ROM hacker community, but the craftsmen keep doing their thing. Millions of people love Super Mario 64, considered one of the best Nintendo platformers. The 64-bit era is becoming an adored classic, so check out the top 10 best ROM hacks for Super Mario 64!

Super Mario 64: The Green Stars

This variant was designed to add many levels and demonstrate the potential of modification technology for the game.

The project has 130 stars to collect throughout the custom levels. Thanks to the detective lens, you can find the stars by exploring the world to see all the secrets.

Alas, the design quality of the levels does not look the best, nor do the stories themselves, which can be both tedious and very hard. That’s why the project is ranked 10th.

Super Mario 64: Kirby Edition

An ambitious project from Dudaw is Super Mario 64: Kirby Edition. The hack replaces the classic character with a hero named Kirby.

It is no secret that this is the first full-fledged hero hack in Super Mario 64. Today, this practice is much more common, but this project’s levels are still outstanding. Kirby can move and slide here, and bonuses turn into Boo or Thwomp, mimicking his ability to copy.

By the way, some levels allow you to ride Kirby’s signature Warp Star!

Super Mario 64 Land

Kaze Emanuar has created many ambitious and amazing hacks in classic games. Super Mario 64 Land is exactly his previous creation.

This project reminds Super Mario 3D Land. The game has 33 new levels with more linear gameplay. Mario has several new tricks that allow you to pass the levels better.

Super Mario 64: Star Revenge Redone

BroDute’s Star Revenge series is a perfect collection of hacks with over six major releases and hundreds of good remakes.

SM64: Star Revenge Redone is an updated version of the original hack, including over 125 new stars at 13 different levels.

In addition to the surreal humor and jokes, this hack is unique in its challenging story and a great storyline. You have to play each issue to understand the story itself.

Super Mario Bros. 64

A more straightforward project is Super Mario Bros. 64 by Kaze Emanuar. This project returns a side-scrolling platformer reminiscent of the legendary Super Mario World. The project is based on an SM64 3D engine!

The camera tilts at the desired diagonal angle combined with side-scrolling in the game. The user can play as characters from the Mario universe, such as Mario Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi.

Super Mario 74

Super Mario 74 from Lugmilors has 120 new stars, which can be accessed in dozens of levels. Each level in the game is much more complex than the scenarios found in Super Mario 64.

The player will fight most bosses, who have different skills here. Kaizo-level challenges will become available after the player passes the base game and access Super Mario 74 Extreme Edition.

Super Mario 64 Sapphire

A stable and good hack is Super Mario 64 Sapphire from NebulaSM64. Here you will find 30 stars that are spread over six fantastic levels. These scenarios have beautiful scenery among the whole world of the 64-bit engine.

Super Mario: Star Road

The pioneering efforts of the clinical game are excellent in Super Mario by Skelux: Star Road. The massive ROM hack is the first project to spread widely worldwide.

The game has 130 stars available to collect in fun levels. The player will encounter new enemies to an updated soundtrack, a proper sequel!

The focus is on a platformer with a friendlier camera.

Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars

This classic hack changed vital technical aspects of the project. Super Mario 64: The Missing Stars by Frauber got a day and night cycle, an improved camera, and other tweaks designed to improve the gameplay.

The player has access to 10 levels as Luigi, with updated bosses, new enemies, and great music with original compositions. This game feels like a new part of the Super Mario 64 formula.

Super Mario 64: Last Impact

This ROM hack is the perfect sequel to SM64! Last Impact by Kaze Emanuar includes lots of custom assets, other bosses, and new power-ups. It’s all cool stuff, like Yoshi, who you can ride, and FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine.

Each new level is different from the last, and there are 130 new stars and unique challenges. Users enjoyed the stories with the Mario Party game!